The YL and YH Series yagi antennas are ideal in applications requiring directional gain. These yagis, with predictable beamwidths and consistently high front to back ratios are ideal for long or short haul links and other applications demanding specific radiation pattern control.

The RDA Series are ruggedised high gain yagi antennas which will provide excellent point to point communication in extreme climatic environments. RDA Series antennas exhibit narrow beamwidths and high front to back ratios to help minimise any potential interference to and from other radio systems.

4 Element Yagi YH04

100 - 250 MHz 7 dBd

6 Element Yagi YH06

100 - 250 MHz 9 dBd

9 Element Yagi YH09

100 - 250 MHz 10 dBd

6 Element Yagi   RDA6-99

330 - 600 MHz 9 dBd

6 Element Yagi   RDA6-65

400 - 420 MHz 9 dBd

9 Element Yagi   RDA9-61

450 - 480 MHz 11 dBd