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Agung Gemilang Perkasa was established in 2013 with its main goal is to allow customer to focus on their actual daily operation, while we handle all the challenges involved in supporting and maintaining radio communication system. Hence, customer’s productivity would be increased.

Radio system's challenges commonly faced by customers:

  • Too much effort to ensure a good result
  • Distract from other more important priorities
  • Too much complexity
  • Costly specialised equipment and personnel
  • Inline with the above, in 2015 AGP was appointed as a National Radio Service Provider for Terrestrial Mobile Radio Trunking Network No. 827 in 2015 by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Republic of Indonesia. As a National Radio Service Provider, it now allowed us to provide full managed service to customer that includes:

  • Designing & Deploying
  • Maintenance
  • License frequency (country-wide)
  • PT. Agung Gemilang Perkasa aims to complete any of its project according to customer’s initial expectation by ensuring:
  • Guaranteed RF Coverage
  • Resource availability both personnel & parts
  • Increase productivity


    Associate PT. Agung Gemilang Perkasa as mission-critical radio service provider. An organisation which enable efficient, healthier, and safer Indonesian communities through the provision of next generation radio and associated services.



    To ensure customer’s radio communication is always available and matched with initial expectation by providing high GOS. Agung Gemilang Perkasa implement K-3 for all business activity.

    3 Items